Introduction to Hebrew Syllabus

THS Syllabus


Course Number: BBS4D8503
Course Title: Introduction to Hebrew
Level: Bachelor
SWS/Credits 4
Author: Matt Rutz
Version: 1.0
Date of writing: Nov. 25. 2020


Course Description:

Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament. Basic Hebrew skills are therefore important for in-depth theological training, and will be provided in this course. In addition, this course will introduce the student to the Hebrew culture and way of thinking, in order to improve comprehension for the writings of the Hebrew Bible.

Course Goals:

  1. The student obtains a measure of sensitivity for the Hebrew language and for the Hebrew way of thinking.
  2. The student obtains basic knowledge of Hebrew grammar and Hebrew vocabulary.
  3. The student successfully reads and translates basic Hebrew biblical texts.


Contents of the Course in Detail:

  1. Introduction to Hebrew culture and spiritual history.
  2. The Hebrew alphabet.
  3. Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.
  4. Reading and translation exercises.


Evaluation and Grading:

  • Class participation (30%).
  • Homework and other exercises (30%).
  • Final exam (40%).


Required Reading:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew. Futato, Mark D. 2003 (Found on ProQuest library Ebook Central) This will be broken down for each class
  • Other Readings may be assigned throughout the class


Additional Reading:

  1. Blue Letter Bible Lexicon/Study tools
  2. Hebrew translator


Course Hours:

40 hrs: Instruction

40 hrs: Compulsory Reading

20 hrs: Homework assignments

20 hrs: Final Examination

120 hrs: Total