Lesson 1, Topic 1
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8.1.3 The Non-Delegable Managerial Responsibility

Of course, as one of the main leaders, you do not necessarily have to lead all of the prayer meetings. But if you have any sort of leadership responsibility, a discipline and passion for prayer is necessary. As a leader, you are responsible for the level of prayer in your church. You can delegate the task, but the “theme must stay with you!”

Prayer cannot be “made,” but in order to promote prayer and train people in the gift of prayer, a framework must be created – for one’s own prayer life and for intercession. This usually requires a certain structure and system. Prayer is a gift that some Christians carry more than others. It is a deep passion for self-sacrificing intercession that is incredibly valuable to the church. It should be our prayer as leaders to promote a culture of prayer and that the passion for prayer in the whole church grows steadily. Prayer is a gift of grace and has the power to change everything through God’s intervention. If we want to see the really great things in our churches, we need to invest more time in the prayer life of ourselves personally, as well as in community with our leadership, and the congregation as a whole.