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8.1.1 The Divine Support: Holy Spirit

In the different religions, a disciplined and methodic prayer life can be quite strenuous. However, Christianity is not a religion, but an inspiring, dynamic, growing, vibrant relationship with the living God. And we have a helper who gives us divine support for this prayer life: the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit loves to pray and worship, and He does so without exhaustion.


It’s one of the greatest miracles God has ever performed: He, in the person of the Holy Spirit, has dwelt in us (Jn 14:17). Jesus taught extensively about the Holy Spirit and demonstrated through his life as a human, what it means to be in communion with the Spirit of God. In John 13-17, he prepares his disciples for the time of transition from his parting to the coming of the Holy Spirit. He explains how believers should live with the Spirit.


John 14:16 contains the following teachings of Jesus:

  • He says that someone will come who is exactly like him.
  • The “summoned” – The Spirit of God is our helper who wants to be called.
  • To “know” Him – Jesus prepares the disciples for an intimate relationship with the Spirit.
  • The “revelation” – the quality of God’s relationship deepens, to him even dwelling internally in the believer

The teachings of Jesus and his example have strongly influenced the apostles. After receiving the Spirit of God, they lived in this dynamic relationship with the Spirit, just as Jesus had promised. They had fellowship with the Spirit (2 Cor 13:13; Phil 1:19), placed their entire lives under His guidance (Rom 8:14) and served in His power (1 Thess 1:5). This lifestyle was completely normal for the church (Acts 9:31) and this led to Jesus being glorified throughout the known world. 


How can we understand the mystery of the Spirit even more? These two pictures can help:


  1. The source in me – Jesus declares communion with the Spirit as the source in us (Jn 4:14; Jn 7:37).


  1. The Temple of the Spirit – At Pentecost the Spirit took up residence in the believers (Acts 2:1). The glory of God now resides in each born-again believer, for we are his temple and our spirit is alive with God’s spirit (1 Cor 6:12).


In order to live in this relationship with the Spirit, one first needs to be ready to engage with the Holy Spirit. Every relationship needs times of fellowship and open conversation. The following list can be helpful in conversing with the Holy Spirit: 


  1. Thanksgiving – Thank the Spirit of God for who he is and rest in his presence.
  2. Release Revelation – Request a deeper revelation and encounter of God (1 Cor 2:9-12).
  3. Use me – Ask the Spirit of God to use you to bless other people (1 Cor 12:7).
  4. Strengthen me – Ask the Spirit for inner strength (Eph 3:16) and the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22). 
  5. Teach me – Invite the Spirit to teach you in each area of your life (Jn 16:13; 1Jn 2:27).