Lesson 1, Topic 1
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7.3.3 Application/Discussion

Some examples for discussion include:

  • day to day situations in the life of a pastor
  • your local hospital
  • the “embarrassed poor” in your church.

Misapplications of Institutionalized Love of Others are plentiful

For example: the problem of the Food Banks

A very hot button issue is calling into question the current form of the food banks in Germany. Even by bringing up this topic one makes oneself quite unpopular. 

The idea of food banks is an undeniable good work of love for others that is executed primarily by many volunteers. However, there are also deep seated problems with it:

  1. Pretending to false realities (in Germany nobody needs to go hungry, see above)
  2. Instilling an attitude of helplessness and not helping oneself
  3. Grocers‘ vested interest in disposing of expired good for free
  4. Criticism of the political left: cementation of unfair social structures
    1. A follow-up to Marx’s “opium for the masses” so to speak