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7.1.4 Train Yourself to Pray Biblically

Which prayers have an almost 100% chance of being answered? Prayers that align with God’s nature, His intentions, and His plans. How can we, as mere humans, pray so close to God’s intentions? The practice of praying through biblical prayers, which is quite simple, aligns us with His intentions. Most of these prayers (except the Psalms) are found in the New Testament and are also referred to as “apostolic prayers.”

Biblical prayers are always God-centered, positive and “for” something. We may often think that someone needs to “fight” to claim something, and “bind” everything possible. But that only belongs in the

the pastoral area of the freedom ministry – not necessarily in our everyday prayer life.

Praying is actually participating in ushering in the kingdom of God here on earth. It’s a co-laboring work. More beneficial than prayers “against” something, are prayers that speak into a situation the truth and power of the Scripture from a heart of faith. Biblical prayers can be an enormous help in directing ourselves to God in personal or communal intercession and in speaking the language of God’s heart. They also help to avoid any “prayer traps.” There is a kind of depth and quality to these prayers, as they are the written word of God – and can ensure that He is hearing them. Additionally, there is a certain unity amidst a group of believers or congregation around these prayers as it is the Word of God.