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7.1.3 Growing in Prayer

Prayer is a discipline that we can train with God’s help. But you will only grow in prayer if you make it a priority. Learning always means that we have to invest time and energy. As with all other important things in life, we must set priorities and make sacrifices. Secondly, it is vital to establish a certain time we will pray, because planning is an expression of love. 

Even if prayers are not answered or answered differently than we would imagine, this does not change the importance of consistent prayer. Then the question is asked – when will your prayers be answered and when will they not be answered? Truthfully, it’s a good thing not all prayers are answered. Considering all of the selfish and near-sighted prayers we have prayed, it is fortunate that God has not answered these prayers.


But there are indeed biblical reasons for unheard prayers:

  • Lack of willingness to forgive (Mt 5:23)
  • Unknown sins (Is 59:1)
  • Desires that lie outside God’s will and intentions (1John 2:16).
  • Unhealthy relationship between husband and wife (1 Pet 3:7).