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6.2 The Seventh Commandment

You shall not steal


6.2.1 Introduction

The eighth commandment has very little to do with property crime. Rather it is a ban on kidnapping and human trafficking. It’s placement within the Ten Commandments also speaks to this interpretation. bngt al (lo tignob) means to kidnap. Also Exodus 21:16 and Gen 40:15. Broad agreement exists among Old Testament experts. Here the otherwise lovely argumentation by Neumann is not convincing. 

6.2.2 Source

Exodus 20

Luther’s Small Catechism



6.2.3 Application/Discussion

In today’s time, this commandment would not be referenced with day-to-day property crime, but is better discussed in the context of:

  • Human trafficking and sex slavery
  • Also in the arena of the organized begging ring for which people are trafficked. 
  • Unaccountability in the practice of sub-contracting manual labor which often results in people being hired for legitimate jobs under very unjust working conditions