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6.1.2 Pastor – Friend and Leader

The working environment of a pastor is usually very different from that of a worker in secular companies. The main difference lies in the involvement of Christian volunteers. Motivating these volunteers is one of the main keys to successful community building. The biggest problem is that community work for many volunteers is part of their spare time. Accordingly, they can invest as much time as they want into the church. Since the church usually means “free time” for the employee, the pastor and other leaders are first of all a friend – with all the advantages and disadvantages. 

It is also often difficult for a pastor to know to which extent they should open up their private life to their working life, as ministry is meant to be relational and authentic. It is hardly possible to divide the two, contrary to other lines of work. Often the pastor faces the challenge of finding the right level of transparency in the church.

Nevertheless, it is indispensable that a pastor sets clear limits depending on the type of personality, life and community situation. For example, the Sabbath, which is only possible for pastors on a day other than Sunday and usually also Saturday, is kept. 

In addition, many things that are “free time” for the members of the church are official matters such as birthdays or weddings. A pastor cannot talk thoughtlessly about his work with everyone in the church as a normal small group visitor can. 

To best relate, it is always important that you are authentic. It is vital that the same personality you have on stage, is the same that you have at home. But the well-being of one’s own family should always be taken into consideration. An authentic life is indispensable for the credibility and authority of the pastor. What is preached should also be lived or consciously communicated as an area of growth.

As a public figure, a pastor needs to be conscious of what image they are portraying. This also refers to their social media. A certain transparency creates connectedness and relatability, but the pastor should not market himself too much and rather honor other people and his church. 

In addition, the pastor should always be available within a few days as a confidant for the members of the congregation in an urgent emergency – even on vacation.