Lesson 1, Topic 1
In Progress Abortion

According to common Jewish and Christian belief, the fifth commandments also includes a ban on abortion. 

In Germany prior to 1993, the legal situation surrounding termination of pregnancy was such that terminating a pregnancy was only a non-criminal act if there was a criminological reason or there were extreme extenuating circumstances. Though the laws surrounding pregnancy termination were clear de jure, de facto they were simply avoided by German women traveling to Holland for abortions. There was also a terrifyingly large estimated number of illegal “coat-hanger abortions” which carried significant health risks for pregnant women. 

The women’s rights movement demanded no restrictions of abortion with slogans such as “my uterus is mine.” Part of this campaign was a deliberate muddling of terms by using “pregnancy interruption.” As an alternative to unrestricted abortion, abortion restrictions by term were proposed. Within particular time periods in the pregnancy, the pregnancy should be able to be terminated without legal consequence. 

The Compromise Solution of lawmakers is the Consultation-Solution. 

Keywords: Start with a pro-life consultation

  1. Supposed Solution: 12 weeks
  2. Late term abortion: 22 + weeks
    1. Criminal indications
    2. “Danger to life” or
    3. “Danger of a severe impact on physical or mental health”
    4. With severe deformity, possible until birth

At least on paper, this compromise solution could almost be seen to be consistent with the Christian ethic of compromise. However, the wording about “impacts” on health opens up the door to abuse of this law and makes the whole regulation worthless. 

On the ProFamilia website, this possibility is admitted openly and they contest the initial “pro-life” consultation. Additionally, intentional disinformation is spread by referring to abortion the removal of “pregnancy tissue.” The government stands by and does little to enforce the laws in this area. It provides ProFamilia with financial resources and thus legalizes illegality.