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5.4 The Third Commandment:

Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy. 


5.4.1 Introduction

Luther reinterpreted this commandment to mean attending a church service. While this is a good thought, it is not in line with the original meaning of the this commandment. In actuality, it is a taboo: on the Sabbath, work is taboo – “on it you shall not do any work.”

The Sabbath is God’s gift to the whole world. It is a unique provision and in the legal realm is an unparalleled revolutionary innovation. It applies to servants and even to the animals. One can recognize here, with Neuman, the historical origin of all animal protection laws. 

This commandment aims for: rest, harmony, freedom, and joy.

Here, one can experience the holiness of Time. The Sabbath is the “Cathedral of Time.”

5.4.2 Source

Exodus 20

Luther’s Small Catechism


5.4.3 Application/Discussion

Paradoxically it is especially in church circles that the Sabbath-commandment is often broken. 

Topic for Discussion: Are all the things that happen in churches on Sundays actually necessary?