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5.1.4 Finances in Everyday Life

It may not be possible to define a “one-size-fits-all” plan for all financial decisions and situations that enable you to live near the heart of God and free us from the spirit of Mammon. However, these principles below are a toolbox for your life, that can help you on your journey to live free.



In order to be able to make financial decisions according to God’s standards, it is crucial that one accepts beforehand for oneself that it is not ourselves, but God who is our provider. Yes, we may be able to use his abilities and gifts given to us to earn wages and salaries, however, it’s him who gives us these basic abilities. So, he too can use other people, companies, churches etc. to provide for us. But all of this is ultimately out of his hands, even if we would like to think it is because of our own abilities.


Without a close relationship with our counselor or the provider, it will be difficult for us to be able to separate which voice inside of us is the motivation for financial decisions. Is it the Holy Spirit that gives us the leading, or the Spirit of Mammon? It is, therefore, important that we involve the Holy Spirit in even the smallest “worldly” decisions and ask him for wisdom in prayer. 


The incredible offering that we find in Malachi 3:10, in which God himself invites us to challenge him by giving the first tenth of our harvest to his kingdom, has a greater impact than we may think. It’s not about your money or possessions at all, it’s about the attitude of your heart! With no other act can we prove more to God, to Mammon and to ourselves in whom we really trust with our finances.


Anticipating your future by accumulating possessions and riches through accumulating any sort of debt should be well thought about before accepting a loan or buying something with credit (no matter how low the interest may be). In really very rare cases is it even necessary to consider, as often the burden of the debt is never as great as the “blessing” you were using it for. Think through this decision thoroughly, and do not let yourself be influenced by negative motivations. 



Owning different assets brings with it different responsibilities. It is our duty to be a faithful steward to whatever is entrusted to us. It is therefore important that we invest and use these assets sensibly! Check your investments and check your heart attitude and motivation behind them.



Even the smallest decisions about our finances and possessions affect us. Reflect on your decisions, your motivations, and your heart attitude. Rest assured that we are all on a journey to live how God desires us to financially, and seeking financial advice is important. They don’t necessarily need to be people who own a lot or are financial advisors, but people whom you trust and who can reflect with you.



In order to make wise financial decisions, it is essential to know our income and expenses as precisely as possible. How else are we supposed to determine where we spend unnecessary money on things that are not really important to us? How else are we to see how generously God provides for us and for what we are to pray and thank God concretely?