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5.1.1 Importance of Dealing with Money

Money is a topic that nobody seems to be talking about; therefore, our opinions are usually only influenced by what we see others doing (family, friends, society, media). It is neither a school subject nor a basic skill that we are usually taught during our studies. We are usually left on our own to handle money and property – often before we are prepared to. It is also often a taboo topic;  Money and possessions are usually not talked about in great depth in the family, in a church congregation nor in other circles. Often, people care too much to appear arrogant or ignorant – or they are ashamed of their own financial standing. The shame often burdens and prevents anyone from getting help in their own financial situation. And so, over time, we form many destructive habits and opinions that shape our day-to-day handling of finances. Only very rarely do we question these habits, and rather quickly adopt them for ourselves. However, with the Bible – we have the greatest financial guide!


The Bible is full of directions and advice on how to deal with money and possessions.  A main topic of Jesus’ parables was the handling of money and possessions. He reveals and deals with the erroneous beliefs regarding money, and reveals that it is often an attitude of the heart. Since this topic seems to be fundamental and also very controversial, we find about 2,000 verses about money and possessions in the Bible. On the other hand, God probably thought that about 500 verses on the subject of faith and about 500 verses on the subject of prayer would be sufficient for us to learn to understand and accept his way of working in these areas of life.