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3.1.3 Application

Ethics of the Basic Law:

Bible: likeness to God Content of faith Derived from it:

GG (German Constitution): Human dignity Axiom as highest value Derived from it:

Human rights derived from it:

Civil rights


Art. 1 GG: The dignity of man is inviolable….

The German people confess (!) therefore to inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community…

Art. 2 free development of the personality right to life and physical integrity

Art. 3 equality before the law

Art. 4 freedom of belief

Art. 5 freedom of expression

Art. 6 protection of marriage and family, etc.


The building of the Basic Law thus hangs on a set of beliefs. If one denies the Judeo-Christian roots of our legal thinking, then the entire GG becomes obsolete with it.