Lesson 1, Topic 1
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1.1.3 Defining One’s own Calling

A clearly formulated calling is the most important aid in making focused decisions. Although the vision will adapt again and again and also everyone changes constantly, it makes sense to articulate the calling in clear words as it develops. This is the beginning for further objectives and the shaping of life. 

To successfully begin to identify your calling, different building blocks should be considered and identified.


The following aspects should be considered when defining one’s own calling:


  1. MY ROLE
  • How do I see myself, who am I, what do I look like?
  • Relevant building blocks: inclinations, personality, values and principles, gifts, role models, prophetic promises 
  • Examples: Pioneer, Mediator, Preacher, Trainer, Audience


  • Who or what is my counterpart? 
  • Particularly relevant building blocks: inclinations, values and principles, dreams and visions, experiences, prophetic promises
  • Examples: Homeless people, strong personalities, children or also finances, technology, nature 


  • What burdens do I carry, what’s my theme?
  • What’s on my mind? What should everyone hear? How do I want to make the world a better place? What would be my last piece of advice before I die?
  • Particularly relevant building blocks: inclinations, values and principles, target group, topics, beliefs, experiences 


  • Which methods do I use, how do I proceed?
  • Particularly relevant building blocks: personality, gifts, working style, experiences, role models, dreams and visions. 
  • Examples: by encouragement, by strategy, by prayer, by giving, by hospitality, by Bible teaching, by leading a small group.