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What am I supposed to do in each trimester?

You will serve at a local church for about 20 hours a week. This typically involves Thursdays, Fridays and the Sunday service. Times can vary. This involves administration, caring for people, teaching and preaching and of course building up your own small group. This can be a youth group or a ministry group or any other group you start in accordance with your instructor. During this time you will have set evaluations. They serve as a reference for your credits. These are the required evaluations each trimester:

  • 1 3×3 meeting with your instructor (turned in on the app) 9 total
  • 1 self-evaluation about the 9 disciplines to be handed in before your 3×3 (not required)
  • 4 sermon evaluations (turned in on the app) 36 total
  • 1 group evaluation (turned in on the app) 9 total
  • 3 reference evaluations (turned in on the app) 27 total
  • 3-4 project reports (submitted in the assignments) 30 total