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Questions within the sermon evaluation

The sermon had a beginning that caught my attention.
The sermon’s tension/anticipation was maintained and slightly increased throughout its presentation.
The sermon’s main points followed each other logically and helped an ever deeper understanding of the topic.
The student spoke clearly and with sufficient volume, modulating his/her voice appropriately to the content of the points being made.
The student’s gestures and movement were harmonious and supported the content of the sermon.
The sermon contained at least 1 story/metaphor/prop that underlined the main theme.
The sermon had a spiritual intensity that I found moving.
The main point/argument of the sermon was clearly expressed, and it motivated me to apply it in practical ways.
Appropriate Bible verses were quoted or cited in the sermon.
The sermon’s length and the volume of information were appropriate.
Give a written summary of strenghs and weaknesses of this sermon in your own words
How do you like the evualtion? Can we improve something?