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    Orientation Reading Assignment


    Vanderstelt, Jeff. Saturate : Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life.

    Read: Part 1

    Saturate: Jeff, Vanderstelt.

    You can find the book in our new online library. If you don’t have access to the Pro-Quest online library please let us know as soon as possible.

    Homework Questions:

    Please complete the assigned reading, then submit questions and answers about the reading. These questions/answers should help other students learn from the reading assignment. For each assigned reading, you are required to post 3 different multiple choice questions with 4 answers listed a. b. c. and d.(Do not use true/false questions).

    Keep in mind: There will be two considerations for receiving a grade.

    1. First, is the question/answer clearly communicated?
    2. Second, does the question/answer reflect the reading material well?

    (Please refer to the “Required Reading” tab in the main course page for some examples of a good post, and some examples of a bad post.)

    Please post your Questions in the assignment upload below