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Meeting #4: Trimester Evaluation

THS Apprenticeship: Meeting 4

Welcome to your final Evaluation of the Trimester.

Meeting Preparation:

  1. Student: Complete the Challenges and super challenges for this Trimester.
  2. Students complete their Self Evaluation and submit it on the portal.

Meeting Talking Points:

  1. Finalize the plan for your Journeyman Project. Where is the student going to start investing the majority of their time in the placement Church.
  2. Complete the 3×3 evaluation on the Portal(70+ questions be sure to allot the 1.5 hours of time)
  3. Tie up any loose ends from the trimester making sure all tasks are complete
  4. You will start on Trimester 2 in the next trimester

Tasks to assign:

  1. Journeyman Project: Complete the two page write up about your journeyman project in trimester one. Start implementing your plan for your Journeyman Project.
  2. Internship: Work on the assigned tasks
  3. Challenges: Finish all challenges for the Trimester
  4. Self-Paced Course: Finish the Self-Paced Courses.