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Meeting #3

THS Apprenticeship: Meeting 3

Welcome to your next check up Apprenticeship meeting. This is the next opportunity to check in with each other, both the student and instructor to track the progress of the trimester.

Meeting Preparation:

  1. Student: Complete the next challenge in the Portal under “Project Reports.” Supervisor should receive an email to review it. Both should be ready to discuss.
  2. Make sure the student has thought about the churches discipleship process.

Meeting Talking Points:

  1. Discuss the church structure and the discipleship process in the church.
  2. Discuss about the small groups that the student has visited, and the different leaders.
  3. Review the challenge that has been completed, 2 should be finished by this point
  4. Schedule the next meeting

Tasks to assign:

  1. Journeyman Project: Plan what your journeyman project will be for you time at THS.
  2. Internship: Start developing the tasks that you are going to be working on in your church.
  3. Challenges: Assign the next months challenge(All the challenges need to be complete by the end of the Trimester)
  4. Self-Paced Course: Not yet developed