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Meeting #2

THS Apprenticeship:

Welcome to your 2nd Apprenticeship meeting, “Check up 1.” This is an opportunity to check in with the student and instructor to track the progress of the trimester.

Meeting Preparation:

  1. Student: Complete the first challenge in the Portal under “Project Reports.” Supervisor should receive an email to review it.

Meeting Talking Points:

  1. How is the Academic trimester is going. What Classes is the student taking? What are they learning?
  2. Review the first completed challenge and plan to start the next.
  3. Review the Syllabus with the Acquired Habit and Skills
  4. Talk about Small Group Visits/ Ideas

Tasks to assign:

  1. Journeyman Project: Continue visiting small groups reflect on the Discipleship process in the group
  2. Internship: Reflect on the personal growth in the first three Spiritual disciplines
  3. Challenges: Assign the next months challenge (Found on the Syllabus)
  4. Self-Paced Course: Not yet developed