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Meeting #1

THS Apprenticeship Introduction Meeting:

Congratulations! You have just begun your studies at THS and you are getting started working in your apprenticeship. This is going to be the start of a very busy time for the students(15 hrs/wk + all of their classes). This is the first meeting of the Apprenticeship and of the orientation phase so don’t get overwhelmed with everything right off the bat. There is a learning curve to the THS apprenticeship that will take some time, but we are here to help you all along the way.

Meeting Preparation:

  1. Make sure you have your Login
  2. Start learning your way around the Portal

Here are the things to cover in you first apprenticeship meeting:

  1. Get to know one another
  2. Review the Syllabus and Course in the Portal, and talk about the task/goals for the Trimester.
  3. Define the tasks in the church and an awareness of the projects that need to be accomplished. If you are not in the same church as your mentor, the student needs to help the supervisor understand their church or place of ministry.
  4. Establish what challenges/projects the student is going to start working on and will have ready for the next meeting.
  5. Plan your 2nd meeting to happen in 1 month.

Tasks to assign:

  1. Journeyman Project: Start visiting small groups in your church, If you don’t have any start developing ideas for one.
  2. Internship: Start getting oriented in your church
  3. Challenges: Assign Challenge 1 (Found on the Syllabus)
  4. Self-Paced Course: Not yet developed