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First: How to perform the evaluation?

Android: Download our App from the Google Play Store.

For Android: Go to Google Play Store and download the APP: THS Academy. You can sign in or use a login you’ll get from THS office or your apprentice.



For iPhone:

Go to the App store and download the THS App

Once you have the App  – proceed as listed below:



You will receive your login from the THS office. This login will be valid for your church. So everybody within your organization can use the same login. This way instructor(s) and students share the same platform. If you have not gotten your login write a a mail to office@ths-academy.com or sent us a text message to +1(509) 724 7386

Keep your login name + Password safe for further use. You will need it.

Once you have logged in this will be the screen you see:

You can choose one out of the 4 menu buttons. You can make a test by choosing the test student account. Start with the sermon evaluation to get acquainted with the system. Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong.

If you want to conduct a “real” evaluation you have to choose “your” apprentice. If you do not find the name in the provided list in the app, contact office@ths-academy.com or text to +1(509) 724 7386. We will help you with any issue.

The rest should be intuitive. At the end you have to submit your evaluation and you are set. You receive the grade(s) right away on your screen. Also we send you a conformation email to the address you provided at the beginning of the evaluation. If there is any falsely submitted forms just mail us to the address above. We take care of it. You can redo the evaluation.

There is one thing that requires your attention: Within the 3×3 meeting you’re asked to copy some information from previous conducted evaluations. This is because the 3×3 is the compiled evaluation for ALL the evaluations of the past trimester. This is how you do it. You will realize that you have to copy something because you will run into red lettering.