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How do I hand in my evaluations?

Some of the evaluations can be done with our App. Typically those where someone else is evaluating you. Therefore you give them your phone or have your instructor (s) download it:

  • 3×3 meeting
  • Sermons
  • Groups
  • References

The other evaluations you can upload on your student dashboard via the online academy. It is important to know that you are responsible to have your evaluations ready to receive the credits – not your instructor.

Here are more details about each evaluation

a. Schedule a 3×3 meeting

At the end of each trimester you have a conversation with your instructor. Ask him for a specific date. It is your responsibility to arrange this meeting. There you cover all the topics of the nine disciplines of the 3×3 program. Plan for about 90 minutes to cover all the 70 questions.

Some thoughts for preparation

Hand in your self-evaluations before you go to the meeting. This way your instructor can prepare for your meeting and pray what to cover more intense.

Make sure the other evaluations for the trimester are completed. You must have 4 sermon evaluations, 1 group evaluation and 3 references from other people (in the 1 trimester you can have a grace period though.)

Pray for guidance so to see what the Holy Spirit has for you


During the meeting

Pray together at the beginning. Your instructor cannot go over every question in depth each time. You might for example focus more on the character parts in the beginning. Use the App for documentation. This way after your meeting there is nothing more for you to do.

Make sure to set realistic goals and check on the progress of these goals. You have to learn to focus on achieving set goals.


b. Sermon evaluation

You must hand in 4 sermons for evaluation each trimester. These can be actual sermons but also teachings in a small group, a leadership meeting, outreach, video or written sermons. You can also ask another person who has pastoral experience to do some sermon evaluations. Do the evaluation with the THS App.

c. Group evaluation

One of the core projects is for you to develop a small group. Make sure your instructor is there at least once every trimester and do the evaluation. Do not have some “random” person do the evaluation but ask your main instructor to be there. These are 3 meetings a year.

d. Reference evaluation

We ask you to have 3 people to evaluate you each trimester on mainly character disciplines. One should be a member of your group. One should be another staff or co-worker, one should be another leader in your organization. This way you see how others perceive you. Talk about differences between self-evaluation and how others see you with your instructor.

e. Project reports

You are required to conduct 30 written project reports during their 3 year apprenticeship. There are voluntary and mandatory projects. Voluntary means that there are meant as a suggestion – your instructor can choose other projects as well. Projects are typically things you do anyhow in your organization. This can be an outreach, a worship night or a conflict they need to resolve. However there are a few projects we require as mandatory. One of these projects is a time of 5 days being silent on a retreat. This is a ancient discipline like fasting. There are other mandatory projects you have to do. You will find a list of all projects at the end of this paper.

f. Self evaluation

Once every trimester ask yourself prayerfully: How am I doing in these 9 disciplines. Write a short text about each discipline and make it available to your instructor a week before the 3×3 meeting. This way he or she is more prepared to help you.