Genesis Syllabus


Fall 2022

Course No: BBS4D3103
Course Name:Exegetical Study: Genesis
SWS / Credits:4 credits


Course Description

Genesis is the book of beginnings. The central themes of the creation of the world as well as the beginnings of the people of Israel are found here. It is clear within Genesis that the “story of beginnings” (Genesis 1-11) and the “History of the Patriarchs” (Genesis 12-50) are distinct from each other, but at the same time woven together. These two portions make up and demonstrate the continuity of the redemptive history of God. The themes of Genesis include the creation of the world, the entrance of sin and evil into the human story, the roots of God’s deliverance from it, the self-revelation of the personal God, Yahweh, and the origin of the people of God. Every central theme of the Bible finds its origin here. This course includes lectures, presentations by students, and directed discussion events.


Course Objectives

  1. The student will describe the similarities and differences between the two creative narratives in Genesis.
  2. The student will summarize the “story of beginnings.”
  3. The student will develop a biblical anthropological foundation based on the Genesis narratives.
  4. The student will summarize the “History of the Patriarchs.”
  5. The student will articulate the fundamentals of God’s redemption history begun in Genesis.


Acquired Skills

  1. Summarizing the content and significance of the creation stories.
  2. Expressing key events in the “story of beginnings.”
  3. Naming and explaining the significance of the covenants between God and humanity.
  4. Charting the main events of the “History of the Patriarchs.”
  5. Identifying the beginnings of redemption history.


Preparatory or Course-Related Assignments for Students (26 hours)

  1. Required reading (20 hours).
  2. Preparation for group presentation (6 hours).


Content of the Course

  1. Introduction to the book of Genesis.
  2. The two creation narratives.
  3. The Fall, the Genesis flood, curse, and covenant.
  4. Origins of peoples and the tower of Babel.
  5. God’s plan of redemption.
  6. God’s covenant with Abraham.
  7. The Genesis line of blessing: selected events.


Performance Record (__ hours)

  • Final Exam


Required Reading (20 hours)

  • The Bible: Genesis Ch1-50


Supplemental Reading

To be determined.


Composition of the Final Grade

  1. Class participation (30%).
  2. Mid-term examination (30%).
  3. FInal Exam(40%).


Summary Time Statement

Required Reading40hr
Final Paper20hr