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Assignment #7: Due: Beginning of class Nov. 20th


Nov 13th —Session 7: “One Lord, Jesus Christ…”—The Ministry and Work of Jesus (4hrs)
Reading to be done by the beginning of class on Nov 20th:

  • Chapter 8 in The Spirit Over the Earth (pp. 106- 117)
  • Chapter 7 in African Christian Theology (pp. 105- 139) pdf on the Portal

Writing to be done by the beginning of class on Nov 20th:

  • Explain two things you learned from each chapter and state how those things can be
    practically applied to your life or ministry.


Writing Assignments (20 hours)
To help with the processes of reflection and application, there will be weekly writing
assignments that correspond to the required reading. After finishing the weekly required
reading, students will be expected to write about two things they learned from each chapter,
and then explain how those things can be applied to their life or ministry. Each thing learned,
along with its proposed application, should be explained in ~100 words. Please indicate page
numbers from the textbooks of things learned. For all writing assignments please follow the
standard THS writing guidelines.