Dividing a word into different pieces so it can be pronounced

Two methods:

  • Learn rules (Appendix)
  • Listen to teacher — natural for English speaker

Listen carefully when learning vocabulary

1. There is one vowel (or diphthong) per syllable.

ἀ κη κό α μεν

2. A single consonant by itself (not a cluster) goes with the following vowel.

ἑ ω ρά κα μεν

3. Two consecutive vowels that do not form a diphthong are divided.

ἐ θε α σά με θα

4. A consonant cluster that can not be pronounced together is divided.

ἔμ προ σθεν

5. A consonant cluster that can be pronounced together goes with the following vowel

Χρι στος

6. Double consonants are divided.

παρ ρη σί α

7. Compound words are divided where joined.

ἀντι χριστος