Your God encounter

Genesis 28:12-15 describes the wonderful encounter at the famous ladder to heaven! Jacob certainly remembered this encounter with God many times in his life. How about you? Have you also had such an encounter with God? A dream or a moment when you were sure that this was from God? Your God encounter may also have been your “conversion.”

As in Jacob’s example, a God encounter is often closely related to a calling. He receives a clear promise from God.

It is important that we always remember our encounter with God and our promises from God, because there will come times when you may forget them. Write down this encounter and your calling and then consciously take a time in prayer to thank God for it. Also ask Him to keep reminding you of it so that you do not forget it. If you do not have such an encounter or calling, ask God to give you some. Perhaps this prayer is now an opportunity for you to hear what God actually wants for your life. And when you pray, give God enough time and listen, because most of the time we don’t hear Him because we talk too much!