6.8 Tools and Sources of Information

  • Spreadsheet: As in so many areas, project planning is very often done with spreadsheets. Up to a certain complexity of the project, this works very well. There are also templates for this on the Internet.
  • Word processing: Classic word processing software is needed to create and edit forms and protocols.
  • Mind Mapping: Possibility of visualization that is strongly oriented towards the way our brain works. There are many tools for this, including free ones like Freemind or Xmind (free in basic version).
  • Project Management Tools: In the meantime, there are already almost countless software tools for project management. Here, too, there is commercial and free software of varying complexity. The use of such tools requires a certain affinity for project management and computers. A good tool in itself does not guarantee a successful project.
  • www.projekt-magazin.de: Comprehensive source of information on the subject of project management.
  • http://www.projektmanagementhandbuch.de