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6.2 Objectives

Project management in its entirety is an extremely complex subject and can fill entire courses of study or at least lectures. In the community context, it is precisely this complexity and the depth of detail taught in such lectures that we will focus on some principles and practical aspects in this course. The following goals will be achieved:

  • To raise awareness of the importance and significance of well-functioning project management in a community context.
  • The aim is to convey what project management is and what it is not.
  • The basic way of thinking and working in project management should be conveyed.
  • Tools and aids for project management that are a must know.
  • Basic principles and procedures will be taught.
  • A project is to be set up jointly in the group on the basis of a practical example.
  • A basic ‘project management mindset’ should be taught and internalized by each student (“Shouldn’t we form a project team for the community festival and set up a project?”).
  • Projects in the communities with the participation of individual students should be carried out more successfully in the future.