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6.1 Introduction

In June 2016, there was a major project that made positive headlines in terms of project management: the completion of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. Once again, Switzerland lived up to its reputation for precision. The tunnel was completed ahead of schedule, and pretty much on budget. It’s not exactly a credit to the Germans, but the counterexamples are Berlin’s BER airport and Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall projects. The BER airport was supposed to open in 2011 and a realistic opening date is still not in sight as of June 2016, let’s not even talk about the costs at this point. According to the plans, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall was supposed to cost around 80 million euros, but in the end it will easily cost ten times that amount, namely almost 800 million euros. That is the small but subtle difference between good and bad project management, of course with all the system-related and personal facets. The Swiss seem to take longer to weigh things up (e.g. by means of a referendum) and perhaps also need longer to plan, but the results are impressive. One can only learn from this.