Lesson 1, Topic 1
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6.1.1 Stumbling blocks of a Pastor

It would be impossible to simply generalize the different challenges of a pastor. But the job, which often seems appealing to Christians, brings more stumbling blocks than most people think. This should not be exaggerated, but also in no case underestimated. It is helpful to be in regular contact with pastors who have worked in ministry for a while, to learn from their own experiences. 

The office of pastor is a great responsibility. Just as doctors have a stressful job because they preserve the physical life, so it is also a burden, as the care of the eternal lives of people lies in the hands of pastors. Their decisions have an impact on the eternal life of human beings and God will hold them accountable to this (Heb 13:17). The devil does not sleep to bring down the pastor and his important ministry. In addition, it is wrong and naïve of the person to not acknowledge the different opportunities for stumbling (Pr 1:5; 3:7; 3:35; 8:33; 11:30). The common areas of attack in a pastor’s life are: 


  1. Ineffectiveness in ministry
  • The pastor is so taken up by everyday life that he is lived by it. 
  • Solution: better self-management 


  1. Marriage and/or family problems / problems as a single person
  • The pastor neglects investing in a healthy marriage and family life or single life – and ignores that it is the basis of a fruitful ministry. 
  • Solution: Creating boundaries and setting relational and calendar priorities 
  1. Spiritual stagnancy 
  • The pastor does not take care of his spiritual growth, is trapped in spiritual routines and the growth of the church becomes stagnant. 
  • Solution: Proactively seeking spiritual growth


  1. Physical obstacles
  • The pastor physically reaches his limits (depression, burnout, illness etc.). 
  • Solution: shaping a holistic life


  1. Fallout in the church 
  • The pastor experiences a breakdown in the church, in which he loses influence and prestige, either through his own fault or that of others. 
  • Solution: vigilance against disagreement and clarity


  1. Worldly sins – money, sex, power
  • The pastor falls into worldly sins such as avarice, sexual impurity and shifted priorities. 
  • Solution : authentic relationship with God and mentors