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5.6. Tools for Task Management

Depending on the working method, various tools are available to record and process tasks:

  • The to-do list on paper: Keep a to-do list on a piece of paper or in a notebook. Work through this regularly and complete tasks.
  • The famous Post-It stickers A cubby on the desk
  • Use the computer’s default task features (‘Reminders’ on Mac, ‘Outlook’ on Windows).
  • Special tools used for computers, smartphones and tablets (e.g. for ‘Getting Things Done’). A whole range of tools are available for all three platforms and synchronize with each other via the cloud. Others run in the browser, so they are also platform-independent.
  • Special solutions that are available online and are used via the browser.

The important thing is that everyone uses the tools that suit them and with which reliable and successful task management can be achieved. There are no good and bad tools, but above all suitable tools. While some have a great affinity for paper and work with a notebook, others opt for an electronic solution with synchronization via the cloud. The decisive factor is that it works and is used consistently.