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5.2. Examples of Tasks

Each of us has individual tasks and assignments that come up on a regular basis. These can be tasks in the private, professional and community area. Here is a small overview by way of example:

  • Transfer the bill for the craftsman 
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Repair the broken door in the house 
  • Invite the Maier family for coffee 
  • Call Peter
  • Plan the holiday
  • Prepare the outing with work colleagues
  • Request a quote from the rental company for the worship concert
  • Hold regular mentoring meetings with mentee 
  • Send minutes to meeting participants 
  • Talk with Paula about small group leadership
  • Prepare the project meeting for the construction project

This list could be extended at will. On the basis of the tasks it can already be determined that it makes sense to divide them into the categories

Classify and divide them into ‘private’, ‘professional’ and ‘community’ and schedule fixed times for each to work on them.