5.2.3 S: Caring and helping teaching style

  • Encouragement and support
  • Goal: Support of the learner
  • Teaching aim: Support of the learner
  • Methods: a friendly learning environment is important; offers support; relies on systematic curricula with multiple repetition of content; addresses individual differences of students; prepares its lessons very thoroughly and reliably; welcomes feedback from learners to improve themselves.
  • Expectations of learners: Punctuality and reliability; expects learners to come to him when they need help; respect; assumes that the learner’s motivation comes from within (personal development) and from outside (reward)
  • They should pay attention to: Integrate personal examples of the learners into the lessons; help rather chaotic students to systematize their thoughts; explain the organization of the lessons in a way that is comprehensible to the learners; give the opportunity to experiment and try out; do not pay too much attention to individuals so that the rest suffers.