5.2.2 I: Interactive teaching style

  • Illustration of the facts
  • Goal: Sparking creativity and emotions
  • Teaching goal: to ignite creativity and emotions
  • Methodology: works a lot with examples; shows emotions and tries to infect others, promotes the social and professional competence of his students; the knowledge imparted should strengthen self-confidence and help to solve problems; involves the learners in the planning of lessons; a good relationship with his student is very important to them; deals with each individual specifically.
  • Expectations of learners: expects that the motivation to learn comes from within; learners should integrate themselves into groups and behave cooperatively; should be open to the teacher and express their feelings; assumes that learners want to become more self-confident
  • They should be careful to: Give appropriate feedback; not get lost in emotion; not ignore the importance of organization and planning; not consider critical statements from learners as personal criticism; be careful not to favor the more successful learners.