5.2.1 D: Goal and result oriented teaching style

  • Transfer of expert knowledge
  • Goal: Independent work, responsibility and the willingness to take on tasks
  • Teaching aim: Independent work; responsibility and willingness to take on tasks.
  • Methodology: Project-oriented work; learners should assess their own performance; would like to motivate through incentives such as praise and recognition; prepares lessons very well; competition and cooperation are important.
  • Expectations of learners: Learners should develop their knowledge and skills; articulate themselves briefly and precisely; respect their teacher on the basis of their experience and competence; should be fully attentive and energetic; achieving and maintaining a high level of quality is very important.
  • They should be careful to: Be aware that potential gains may not motivate everyone; take into account learners’ personal interests; offer face-to-face discussions and feedback if learners so desire; set challenging tasks but also be careful not to overwhelm learners; accept differences and not treat everyone equally.