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4.7. Communication

Communication is of fundamental importance in both task and project management. This is true both in terms of the individual’s ability to communicate and in terms of standardized communication channels. Different information needs different means of communication:

  • The personal conversation face to face. In private or as part of a team.
  • Skype or group Skype 
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • social media
  • Cloud platforms for task and project management

At the end of the day, we in the church always work as a team, but especially when it comes to project management. I have defined some principles for myself:

  • Never (!) communicate difficult topics or conflicts via electronic media, always face to face, if at all possible via Skype or telephone. Hands off social media!!!!!
  • E-mail is ideal for factual communication and the exchange of information. Social media including messengers such as SMS, WhatsApp etc. are unsuitable for this.
  • When in doubt, always communicate once more than once too little.


To think about the so-called communication ladder:

Thought… does not mean … said 

said … does not mean … heard 

Heard … does not mean … understood

Understood… does not mean… agreed 

Agreed … does not mean … implemented