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4.1. Introduction

Both topics sound very technical and factual, but they have a lot to do with how successful and how satisfying we are in our ministry. When things move forward, it is positive and encouraging for everyone involved. However, if we are always going in circles and nothing is progressing because someone in the team is not doing their job reliably and on time, then this is very frustrating for everyone involved in the medium and long term. The same is true in our personal and professional lives, as the principles are the same everywhere. In a world of increasing complexity, we as employees and leaders cannot avoid creating systems to help us deal with it successfully. You may love this personally or hate it – it’s just a fact. However, once you’ve found a way to do it for yourself personally and for your team, it becomes really fun because the successes can be seen and experienced very soon. Successful task and project management ultimately leads to a more relaxed and satisfied life.