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2.2. Knowing Yourself

A healthy self-assessment is very helpful, especially when it comes to important decisions which need to be made. There are those who tend to overestimate themselves and the sphere of influence given to them by God, and there are those who constantly judge themselves worse and weaker than they actually are. Neither of these leads to anything good. In the one case, the people concerned have to suffer for themselves and their environment, in the other case, people remain far below their God-given potential.

There is an interesting book on this topic called “The Peter Principle “(4) in which the authors examine why there is so much incompetence in many places, whether in business, politics or other areas. The Peter Principle, in a nutshell, is this:

“In a hierarchy, most workers tend to rise to the level of their incapacity”. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to be in community and why leadership plays such an important role. Other people can help us figure out what’s up and what our place, purpose, and calling are. Boris Grundl says this so aptly in his book “Leading Simple”, that we owe people criticism as leaders, so that they can grow.

As Christians, we know about the God-factor, which is expressed in the form of grace and favor. God makes things possible in people’s life, which no one else would have thought possible – often not even the people involved themselves. It is crucial to be in the place where God wants each individual to be, that is, to live out of God’s speaking and leading.

There are a lot of good tools for getting to know yourself better. Here are some other tools that can help you to know yourself better, very often with a third party assessment:

  • DISG personality test: DISG stands for the four basic types Dominant, Initiative, Steady and Conscientious. A very easy to understand test that helps to better understand yourself and others.(5)
  • The 3 colors of your spirituality: This book is about spiritual styles and approaches.(6)
  • The 3 Colors of Communion incl. ‘Spiritual Energy Test’: finding out where the key to personal spiritual power is.(7)
  • The 3 Colors of Your Gifts: Discovering and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts as a Christian.(8)
  • The 3 Colors of Leadership: Discovering and Developing Your Leadership Potential and Empowering Others.(9)

Some of the tests by Christian A. Schwarz are now also available in electronic form on the internet.(10) Besides these tests, there are of course many others (the tests of Christian A. Schwarz are also mentioned here because they are related to Natural Church Development / NGE, to which these books and tests belong in the broadest sense).


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