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1.4. Spiritual Vs. Unspiritual

Many Christians make a big mistake at a crucial point, namely where administration and organization intersect. “unspiritual”. Many a spiritual leader excuses his unwillingness to become better at self-direction and organization by focusing on what he considers to be “spiritual tasks”.

Now it is certainly not the primary task of a pastor to spend most of his time on project management. But a healthy organism, also a church, needs healthy structures. And it is one of the tasks of a pastor to create healthy structures together with his team. A healthy organism grows, a sick organism burbles along or even dies.

For example, when we look at the life of Moses, his leadership was strongly characterized by being administrative. To lead such a big people through the desert is not possible without administration. It is also interesting to see how detailed God tells Moses how to build the tent of God, the altar or even the clothing of the priests. If Moses had not been able to organize things, to be administratively active, or to manage projects, then none of this would have been possible. Read in Exodus chapter 25 to 31.

I am sure that in every rapidly growing church there is at least one person who has great strength in administration and organization. If it’s not the pastor, it’s one of his closest team members or staff.