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1.3. Organization Can Be Learned

We humans are masters at making excuses that don’t require us to set out on the path to change and learning. “I’m just not an organizational person” is one such excuse. It’s also not about being as organized and structured as these so-called ‘organizational talents’. It is about creating a healthy basic order in one’s life and ministry that will make us more satisfied, more successful, and in some ways more efficient in all areas.

If this basic order is not given, then there is the danger that we permanently frustrate ourselves and others:

  • Forgetting appointments, these have to be laboriously reorganised 
  • Constantly arriving late, team members have to wait
  • Going into meetings unprepared, you’re always starting over again
  • Things are started but never finished
  • Unfinished tasks in the back of my mind, permanent stress for me and the people around me

This list could go on and on.

In order to successfully perform a leadership role in the 21st century Western world, minimum organizational skills are required. There is no doubt that there are different personalities. People who find organization more or less easy. But it is definitely the case that every person can learn to organize in such a way that they support and do not hinder the processes of their organization.

My experience with myself and in leading people has shown that it is almost exclusively excuses and/or laziness that keeps people from working on themselves when it comes to organization.

“If my hidden world is in order, it’s because I’ve taken a conscious look at my chaotic lifestyle and decided to rigorously change it.” Gordon McDonald(3)


 3 Gordon McDonald, Order Your Life, 2004 edition, page 35