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1.1. Living in a Complex World

Life in the western world has become extremely complex. Many people juggle the balls of job, family, friends, community, hobby, media and leisure activities and try to keep them in the air. Many influences assail us daily and we have to make many thousands of decisions on any given day. Do I drink coffee or tea in the morning, do I put on this shoe or that shoe, which of the 10 different types of butter in the supermarket do I buy, which route is best to take to avoid the traffic jam? These are just a few examples of how we are challenged every day to decide more or less important things. So our brain is constantly running at full speed.

Electronic tools, above all the smartphone, make our lives more exciting, more diverse and more flexible, but they also bring with them a considerable amount of stress. The constant accessibility makes many people sick and there has been a counter-movement for some time, where people consciously decide to be offline selectively or even fundamentally.